Sunday, July 28, 2013

Luxurious Aumonieres With Strawberries

In this recipe, strawberries are marinated in mint alcohol and mint leaves and enclosed inside fritter pastries and browned in the oven. A sweet and tangy red fruits sauce is poured over the dish and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. The result is a simple dessert that is crunchy, soft, sweet, tangy, minty, and intoxicatingly delicious.

Similar to Chinese wanton or dimsum but a dessert version, this unique and quirky recipe is sure to please both kids and adults. Aumonieres is a French term for purse of bag that is elaborately or richly embroidered, and in this dessert, the “purse” is filled with beautiful red strawberries that shine like precious gems and rubies.

This beautiful dessert dish is wonderful for Christmas parties and perfect for romantic occasions. The strawberries wrapped inside the fritter leaves look like a gift and makes a thoughtful presentation. Served with a bottle of Muscat wine, aumonieres with strawberries is stupendously luxurious.

You can prepare the red fruit sauce in advance or go get some in the grocery. Raspberry juice or fruits are best when making delicious red fruits sauce. Melting sugar over low heat in a saucepan creates a simple basic syrup and the juice from fresh fruits or from concentrate is mixed in to make a slightly thick sauce. You can also mix different kinds of red fruits to make a more flavorful sauce. Fruits such as currants, strawberries, and cranberries work when excellently when making red fruit sauce. If the fruits are on the sour side, add sugar to make it sweeter.

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