Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Make Bourbon Beer Ribeye Steaks

Almost everybody has tried a good juicy ribeye steak at home or in a restaurant but only very few have tried this exciting version.

Servings: 4

 4-6 oz. ribeye steaks
 2 cups beer, light or regular
 1 cup bourbon
 2 cups olive oil
 2 cups water
 1/2 cup horseradish sauce
 1/2 cup teriyaki sauce
 1/2 cup dark molasses
 2 tbsp. peppercorns, cracked
 1 tbsp. ground ginger

 1. In a bowl, mix together the beer, bourbon, olive oil, water, horseradish sauce, teriyaki sauce, dark molasses, ginger, and peppercorns. Stir with a spatula until every grain is well incorporated and you get a nice and even consistency.
 2. Marinade the steaks in a large bowl or inside Ziploc bags. Make sure that each piece lies flat and is well-covered with the sauce. Cover the container and refrigerate. Allow steaks to marinate in the sauce mix for at least 36 hours.
 3. Cook the steaks on the grill as desired.

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