Saturday, June 15, 2013

Amazing Foodie Things to Do

Celebrate the best of the fall season with these fun, fresh, and delicious ideas for apple desserts, pumpkin recipes, slow cooker treats and more.

Apples + ice cream = edible sundae bowls.

Baked sweet potatoes + marshmallows = festive everyday side dish

You don't have to save the sweet potato-marshmallow combo for Thanksgiving—just add toppings to your regular baked sweet spud.

Pumpkin + vanilla yogurt = pumpkin pie smoothie

Pioneer Woman's take on pumpkin pie is cold, creamy, and might even top the original.

Cheese + Halloween cookie cutters = burgers with holiday flair

Who knew American cheese could be so spooky? Cut out cheese with a cookie cutter or knife before placing on hot burgers.

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