Saturday, June 29, 2013

For Kids: Adorable Lunches

Lions & Tigers & Bears, OH MY!

• ZOO shaped sandwich with bento lion & giraffe picks
• Pretzel snaps
• Tiger animal crackers
• Red-seedless grapes with a elephant bento pick
 Carrot sticks
• Black olives with a monkey & panda bento pick

Lunch with an Octopus

• Sun chips
• Octopus sandwich with icing eye & sprinkles for the mouth
• Cheese cubes with starfish pick
• Blue m&m's
• Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
• Cucumber slices with an octopus pick

Valentine's Day Lunch

- Chocolate covered heart shaped pretzels
Strawberries cut in the shape of heart in a pink Wilton Silicone Heart Baking Cup
- Heart shaped cucumbers & carrot sticks in a red Wilton Silicone Heart Baking Cup
- Heart shaped Marshmallows by Kraft with a heart cupcake pick
- Pretzels
- A sandwich in the shape of lips covered with pink cupcake sprinkles

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