Saturday, June 22, 2013

Foodie Things to Do

Upgrade your water.

Place fruit in a pitcher with coconut water instead of tap water—try combos like orange and blueberry or raspberries and lemon, or just lime or strawberries. Chill and serve with ice.

Make one-ingredient ice cream.

Banana soft serve, you had us at hello. If you haven’t tried this great idea yet, well, all you need are a few frozen bananas, a food processor, and you’ll have ice cream!

Serve magical layered drinks.

Fun with science: Beverages with more sugar have a higher density, so they’ll sink to the bottom of the glass; beverages with less sugar will float on top. By layering different densities, you can create art in your glass. Sweet drinks like Hawaiian Punch or Gatorade go on bottom. Then layer on fruit juice, sparkling water, soda, and alcohol as desired.

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