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A Soul Food of the South: Baby Back Ribs

The roads of the Southern United States are lined with a succession of grinning pigs, advertising the availability of barbecue in countless restaurants. The origins of barbecue in the South, however, are traceable to a period long before the smiling pig became a fixture on Southern roadsides. The etymology of the term is vague, but the most plausible theory states that the word "barbecue" is a derivative of the West Indian term "barbacoa," which denotes a method of slow-cooking meat over hot coals. Bon Appetit magazine blithely informs its readers that the word comes from an extinct tribe in Guyana who enjoyed "cheerfully spitroasting captured enemies." The Oxford English Dictionary traces the word back to Haiti, and others claim (somewhat implausibly) that "barbecue" actually comes from the French phrase "barbe a queue", meaning "from head to tail." Proponents of this theory point to the whole-hog cooking method espoused by some barbecue chefs. Tar Heel magazine posits that the word "barbecue" comes from a nineteenth century advertisement for a combination whiskey bar, beer hall, pool establishment and purveyor of roast pig, known as the BAR-BEER-CUE-PIG . The most convincing explanation is that the method of roasting meat over powdery coals was picked up from indigenous peoples in the colonial period, and that "barbacoa" became "barbecue" in the lexicon of early settlers.
The varied history of barbecue reflects the varied history of the South. Sometimes shameful, but usually interesting, the history of barbecue can be seen an emblem of Southern history. For the past seventy-five years, the barbecue joint has flourished. Although local special recipes and the time-intensive nature of barbecue preparation have insured that real barbecue (as opposed to defrosted and microwaved meat) will never be a staple at chain restaurants, barbecue has endured. Aside from its succulent taste, delicious sauces and the inimitable, smoky atmosphere of an authentic barbecue joint, barbecue has become a Southern icon, a symbol that is cherished by Southerners. Without the racist subtext of the Stars and Bars, the anachronistic sexism of the Southern belle, or the bland ennui of a plate of grits, barbecue has become a cultural icon for Southerners, of every race, class and sex.

Most of the people all around think that baby back ribs is a very complicated and time consuming recipe. However, this is a very simple as well as delicious recipe in which the ingredients used are quite less in number. All the ingredients used in this tasteful recipe are healthy and helps to enhance the original flavor of baby back ribs. The blocks of baby back ribs are evenly rubbed with a spicy and sweet mixture of garlic salt, chili powder, brown sugar, red pepper, cinnamon, salt, dried celery, and freshly ground pepper. This mixture is then grilled in a mouthwatering sauce of apple butter, apple cider, honey, and light or dark brown sugar. Apple cider proves to be very helpful in rendering an additional taste to the entire recipe. Nevertheless, in order to get best results the meat should be at normal room temperature before being cooked. In addition, the ribs can be cooked directly over a medium heat in order to get a crispy look. In the same way to get a smoky flavor, the soaked wood chips can be added to the coals. This tasty recipe can be served along with the leftover glaze on the sides. The ingredients used in apple cider grilled baby back ribs are as follows,

Apple Cider Grilled Baby Back Ribs


2 slabs baby back ribs
For the Dry Rub:
¼ cup firmly packed dark brown sugar
4 teaspoons garlic sal
t4 teaspoons chili powder
½ teaspoon dried celery
¼ teaspoon red pepper
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
Freshly ground pepper
For the Liquid Seasoning:
½ cup apple cider
¼ cup apple butter or jelly
¼ cup pure honey
¼ cup firmly packed dark or light brown sugar

1- Loosen the membrane of the baby back ribs with the help of a knife and then gradually pull off the membrane and tear it off in a single piece.

2- Before the application of the dry rub, the meat should be dried properly with paper towel.

3- In the next step, season both sides of the ribs with the spice rub and then initially cooks it on low temperature.

4- The grills should be preheated before placing the ribs on it and then cook it for almost two and half hours.

5- In a small bowl, combine the ingredients of honey, apple cider, ¼ cup brown sugar, and reserved rubs. Then pour this mixture on the slabs and then seal the ribs in the foil and place it again on the grill for one hour.

6- In the last step, brush remaining of the liquid over the ribs thoroughly and grill it again for 15 minutes.

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