Sunday, May 12, 2013


Mothers day is here and we want to share this day with our family, especially with our moms or the moms of the house.  It's good if we can celebrate it all together with them, cook up supper or ask your mom if she can cook your favorite soup or any of your favorite food you remember from your childhood, I'm pretty sure that would be a delight but don't forget to say thanks and ask for the recipe. Thinking on what to give your mom? Well in my opinion moms don't ask much about expensive gifts, just be yourself and please don't forget to greet your mom and say that you love her. Gifts don't have to be material things, it can be that you all visit her favorite hangout or just bond together through cooking or just help her in chores, it ain't much but you'll make her smile and happy and that's what matter most.  To see your mom happy also makes you happy definitely and make the most out of this day. 

It's mothers day so why not surprise your mom with this awesome dessert! With the complementary flavors of bananas, rum and caramel, this recipe is a real must try. This is an elegant and exquisitely simple dish after a spicy or rich meal to cleanse the palate and finish off a lovely dinner. To make this recipe, you need about two small bananas to a person. Here, the bananas are flambéed in butter and rum topped with grapes, pistachios, and pine nuts and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup. This dessert recipe is simple to prepare but extra caution should be taken when flambéing the bananas as the flare up is possibly dangerous. Keep a fire extinguisher ready if you want to be extra cautious. When done right banana flambé makes an exciting presentation and will liven up the end of the party. 

Bananas Flambeed with Rum and Soft Caramel

16 small bananas, butter
1 oz. (2 tablespoons) sugar
¼ cup milk
 1 cup cream
 1.4 oz. grapes
 4 vanilla pods
pine nuts
5/8 cup rum
syrup (made with equal quantities of sugar and water)
caramel (browned with butter and a little sugar)

1. Place the butter in a frying pan and heat. As soon as the butter begins to sizzle, place the bananas into the pan to brown them.

2. Add some warm syrup then add the grapes, pistachios, and pine nuts.

3. Add rum and flambé.

4. Place the flambéed bananas on a serving dish. Add a scoop of ice cream, a vanilla pod, and some caramel syrup to finalize the decoration.

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