Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to Make Beef Tenderloin

Beef tenderloin is one of the choicest cuts of beef and perfect for a special occasion whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or a dinner party. It is also simple to prepare and does not require any fancy ingredients to turn it into something spectacular since it is already quite flavorful and juicy and has a mouthwatering texture. 

Beef Tenderloin

1. When selecting a beef tenderloin, always look to get triple A or higher quality beef. Local butcher shops will usually have better quality meat than large chain grocery stores. You can choose certified Black Angus, US Prime, or Albertan Sterling Silver Beef.

2. To clean the beef tenderloin, remove from the package, shake off excess blood and place on clean, sanitized cutting board. Start by pulling off excess fat and trim what can be easily removed by hand.

3. Using a sharp boning knife, trim off all the excess silver skin, being sure not to remove too much quality meat. Remove the chain of meat, running from the side of the tenderloin, from head to tail. Trim off excess fat. At the head of the tenderloin there are two flaps of beef that have silver skin running to the center of the head of the tenderloin. Start by using your fingers to pull the flaps away and remove silver skin delicately.

4. Once tenderloin is fully cleaned your options are to remove the head piece and roast whole, commonly known as Château Briand. Cut centre piece into medallions, use the tail for various recipes, including tenderloin tips, beef stroganoff, ginger beef and more!

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