Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Mousseline De Genepi With Chocolate Fondue Recipe

Mousseline de Genepi with Chocolate Fondue –– or what Chef Marc Veyrat calls as "Génépi liqueur sabayon with bitter chocolate sauce” – is composed of two parts. One would be the sabayon itself (referred to as mousseline in this recipe). The sabayon is simply egg yolks mixed with a “30° syrup” – a syrup made from boiling water and sugar with 50:50 ratio for 30 seconds. The flavor and aroma is enhanced with the addition of whipped cream and Génépi liqueur, thus, the name “Mousseline de Génépi” or “Génépi liqueur sabayon.” The second is the chocolate sauce. It’s made fully packed with chocolate flavor by using bitter chocolate and cocoa powder at the same time then sweetened with sugar.

For the chocolate sauce:
2 cups water
0.33 lbs Caribbean chocolate
3.5 oz. cocoa powder

For the Mousseline de Genepi:
7 egg yolks
½ cup water
½ cup sugar
12.32 oz. (about 1 ½ cups) whipped cream
5 ½ tablespoons powdered sugar
6.4 oz. Genepi liqueur

1. For the sabayon: Boil the water and sugar together for 30 seconds to make a syrup then heat up the egg yolks with this. Leave it to cool.

2. Put some chocolate in a bain marie to melt. Cut some plastic sheet or cooking film into rectangular strips twice the height of a circular mold and long enough to cover it. Shine it up with some cotton balls. Spread the chocolate sauce thinly on the plastic sheets. Roll one up and insert it till the bottom of a circular mold. Refrigerate.

3. For chocolate sauce: Heat up together chocolate with water and cocoa powder then add sugar then mix together. Remove it from heat.

4. Take the sabayon then while mixing it, add the cream, Génépi, and sugar. Take the chocolate molds and fill each with sabayon quickly. Put them in the freezer.

5. Boil the chocolate sauce while setting serving plates to a lukewarm temperature. Spread some chocolate sauce on the center of the plates when done.

6. Remove the sabayon filled chocolates from the freezer then remove the molds and the plastics. Set them on the plate then drizzle with some chocolate sauce on top. Serve immediately. Bon appétit!

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