Monday, September 16, 2013

How to Make Bundt Cakes

Cooking Videos: Bundt pan expert Jenny Dalquist demonstrates how to bake a Bundt Cake.

2 Sticks of Butter
4 eggs
packaged flour/sugar mixture.
1 cup whole milk

1. Make sure your oven is on and preheated.
2. We'll spray inside the pan with a baking spray that uses flour.
3. Use a pastry brush to spread out your spray. When using a spray like this, make sure it's meant to bused on bake ware. Put two sticks of butter into your mixer. You want to cream the butter. You can also do this by hand with a bowl and spatula. 
4. Add your flour and sugar mixture into the mixer. Add in four eggs. Add in your milk
5. Bundt cakes tend to have ingredients that are very heavy and wet, making the cake very moist and dense. 
6. Let the mixer down and scrape the sides. Make sure all of your ingredients are well incorporated into the batter. 7. Turn the mixer on for another 10 seconds or so. 
8. Take your cake batter and pour it into your prepared pan. Distribute it as evenly as possible in the pan.
9. One problem with such a detailed pan, is that you get some of the batter that won't go down into all the crevices of the pan. You can overcome this by putting down a cloth and hitting the mold down on the counter top. 
10. Now you can put this into the oven after rolling the batter up the edges of the pan.

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