Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to Make Chard Pie

Known as Tourte de Blette in French, chard tart or chard pie can be made in two types: a savory salty version or a sweet version topped with icing sugar.  It can be paired with a simple salad to make a complete meal or served with tea or coffee for a tasty dessert. 

2/3 lbs. pastry cream
1 lb. chard (or rhubarb or spinach)
1.8 oz. pine nuts
1.8 oz. grapes
1/4 cup white rum
Cookie dough:
2/3 lb. flour
2/3 lb. butter
1 egg
3.5 oz. sugar
1 pinch of salt

1. Prepare a classic pastry cream (creme patissiere) or confectioner’s custard with flour, eggs, sugar, and milk. Allow to cool down.

2. Prepare cookie dough or sugar crust pastry made of 50 percent butter. Use half for the bottom crust, arrange in a pie dish and keep in the refrigerator for one hour. Use the other half of the dough to make the cover for the pie. Flatten in a round shape and refrigerate for an hour.

3. Blanch the chard in hot water and refresh with cold water. Drain and mince. Mix blanched chard with the custard. Add the raisins and pine nuts. Mix it all together and add a small drop of rum.

4. Take the pastry in the pie dish out of the fridge and prick some holes in it using a fork.  Place the chard and custard filling inside. Cover it with the round pastry and remove the extra dough on the sides. Place in the oven for 35 minutes at 180 degrees.

5. Remove the mold and sprinkle with sugar. Place the chard tart on a serving plate and slice. It is now ready to serve.

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